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From 13 to 18 Years Old


Cascais and Lisbon

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Welcome to Prime Boarding – a second home catering to students aged 13 and above. We have two boarding options, one nestled in the heart of Lisbon's Alvalade district and another in Cascais Villa. We go beyond the conventional boarding school experience, creating a warm and inviting sanctuary. At Prime, prioritizing your comfort and convenience is our foremost concern, and our comprehensive package includes transportation (if needed), meals, and an all-inclusive fee.

As the pioneering International School in this region with a Boarding School, we surpass mere academics. Prime Boarding actively encourages students to delve into their identities through captivating activities aligned with their passions. We firmly believe that an educational institution promoting self-expression and trust in student decisions is crucial for shaping future leaders. The blend of living away from home and our challenging curriculum instills discipline and responsibility.

Featuring globally recognized curricula such as IGCSE or A-Levels, along with specialized courses in art, sports, business, hospitality, and early childhood, our students expand their horizons across diverse subjects. By exploring concepts beyond their comfort zones, they customize their high school journey to pursue their dreams, ensuring preparedness for university and beyond. At Prime Boarding, our commitment extends to nurturing both minds and futures.

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